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We boost views, likes, comments
and shares of your Social

YouBeh is the first Social Network based on Neuroscience that allows you to Boost the Interactions of  Your Social Content thanks to the Friends and Followers who are more compatible with you.

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Compatibility Level is the Key to Success

Each person has a Behavioral Profile made up of habits that constantlyInfluence his or her Actions.

A High Behavioral Compatibility allows you to Relate and Interact with others in a Natural and Beneficial way, Boosting the number of interactions of your Social Content.

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How do I identify which Followers are
most Compatible with me?

Thanks to the self-assessment test of YouBeh, you can get the result of your behavioral profile, which consists of four personality models: BehRed, BehYellow, BehGreen, BehBlue.

The four models are categorized according to your level of assertiveness and ability to express emotions.

Once you have your behavioral profile, you can immediately compare it with your Followers and then know the Level of Compatibility.

How does it work?

With YouBeh you can:


Create your own behavioral profile

Thanks to the self-assessment test, you can quickly create your behavioral profile


Earn Credits (BehCoins) by inviting new Friends and Followers

For each follower who is compatible with you, you will earn credits that will allow you to promote your social content and increase interactions exponentially

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Promote your social content

Thanks to the integrated advertising system, you can send your social content to the most compatible followers list achieving more interactions and increasing
your Engagement Rate

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The higher the Number of Interactions, the Better the Earning Potential

Imagine posting and immediately receiving a high number of views, likes, comments and shares.

What will be the result of this high level of interest?
The increase of Engagement Rate of your Profile!

In the world of Social Networks, Engagement is the level of interest that indicates how effective your profile can be in selling your product or service, or how attractive it can be to a company that wants to promote its products or services through your content.

Therefore, the higher your Engagement level, the greater your chances of making money through your social media profiles.

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All your Social Media Profiles connected in a single App

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YouBeh allows you to connect all your social profiles and have them available within your profile and so improve your social media image.

You can make your social content known to those who are most compatible with you, everything in a easy and effective way within YouBeh.

Finally you can start to live a wonderful and new social experience.

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An App to promote all your social media content

YouBeh allows you to Promote your Social Contents by making them available to Friends and Followers Most Compatible with your Behavioral Profile, hence Increasing the Effectiveness of the Content and the Level of Engagement.